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Growth is defined as the development from a simple to a more complex stage.  Before Justin Buzzi started his music career, he was a kid growing up in Jensen Beach, Florida, with many hopes and dreams.  While many young kids lose their dreams along the way, Justin's dreams of becoming a music artist grew as he became more familiar with the music industry.  Justin took a bold step, which is something that many people fail to do.  He looked into himself and believed that he had something to offer in the form of music, which can be seen through his heart and determination.

Though his journey is just beginning, he has already been through many steps that have aided him in his maturation as a person and as a rapper.  Justin prides himself on his unique standing in music and his efforts to roll his sleeves up and put hard work into whatever may come.  Buzzi's hard work has paid off!  Through his journey, and certainly as he continues to grow, he intends to "write the future."  While work always needs to be done, some are starting to take notice of Buzzi's talent.  A talent advisor at a reputable label reviewed several of Justin's songs and recognized how his music is exploding with "passion," signifying that with continued dedication, he is in "control of [his] situation and destiny."


J Buzzi